The Broken Vessels

by Tiny Boats

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released February 4, 2014

Jesse Crowley - guitar, lead vocals, backup vocals, stomps, tambourine
Jason Jones - drums, organ, piano, backup vocals, bass, synth pads

Additional Musicians:
Eric Johnson - bass on tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10
David Crowley - lead guitar on track 10
Natalie Crowley - backing vocals on track 1
Abby Crowley - claps on track 7


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Tiny Boats Salt Lake City, Utah

We are an indie folk / rock band from Utah. We've spent the better part of 2013 writing and recording our debut album. With the help of a kickstarter campaign, we are ready to share these songs with the world.

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Track Name: Burn in the Sun
Met a stranger on the street
I was lost, but she knew the way
She said "when everything is gone
There's only one thing you can take.
And the problem with the world
Is that we use it up and throw it away."

As we walked along the street
Her words cut through the chill of the night.
"I've got to hand it to you kid,
It seems like you are doing alright.
And, not every moment's perfect
But you'll find them if you know where they hide.

What are we working for
What are we working for
And will it be enough?
Will it ever be?
‘Cause we’ve been here before.
Our bloated stomache’s sore,
And still we take a bite
To taste the sticky sweet.

We saw the purple majesty,
The mountains and valley I love.
Walked through the amber waves of grain
And gazed up at the heavens above.
We saw the good in other people,
Let our cynicism burn in the sun.

Our choices brought us here
Our choices brought us here
It’s always faith or fear
Today I'm choosing faith,
'Cause I've been here before
Shut every open door
Now it’s time to change
Break through and move ahead
I’ve had enough
We’ve had enough
Track Name: Being and Doing
If you sing "tell my why" in your song
I'm probably going to hate it because
Lyrics are tough, we all know
But you didn't make an effort.
And you tackle things like death and loss
then your chorus is a cop out.

You can't turn away and then complain you feel left out
You're in a self fulfilling state.
And I'm a hypocrite because I've done it all myself.
Wish you could learn from my mistakes.

I'm falling asleep here at the wheel now,
No longer a slave to my anxiety.
As I drift off I'm closer to the answer,
Or am I closer to a memory?
The broken yellow line, it races past me.

If you sing from the bile in your guts
If I can hear the pain in your voice
If they stop listening
It won't really make a difference because
These things they flow from from years of life
Unbridled as the ocean.

And as the cursor blinks below a page of tragedy
I'll be forever grateful for the words that tore him up,
The words that found new life in me.
Wish he could know now what they mean.

Never fall in love with the first draft.
There's always something better just beyond your reach.
Look inside your self until it hurts you.
That's the moment you'll really start to see me.
Track Name: The Cold Hard Stare
I've been blessed with this curse
And it cuts up my insides and I wait for reprieve,
For a ghost, for a sign that it has passed.
But it begs, and it pleads and it will not be denied.
'Til it's free of this dust of this mystery we call heart
Won't turn back, be ashamed, 'til it's found itself a stage
Laid bare under the lights to face the cold hard stare.
Did you ever believe in me?

With two lungs full of air,
with a wavering voice and trembling hands.
Full of doubt, full of fear, full of reasons I should quit
Hang 'em up, get a job, give up this childish game.
Did you ever believe in me?

I have done the wrong thing,
I've inserted my foot into my mouth,
Played the fool, broken hearts, broke a promise to myself
My regrets are things I never did.
Did you ever believe in me?

Trying hard to strike a balance in the way I see myself,
Come across a happy thought, I'm going to store it on a shelf.
When the weight of all my sins sends me crashing to my knees
On the floor I cry aloud with this dark pathetic plea.
Will you ever believe in me?
It breaks me up inside to think of living life without you.
Track Name: Dead Planet Society
There's a beauty and danger in good enough
And I'll die worrying that I'm up to snuff.
There's things that I see and things in-between
And the distance that comes with defeat.

You were broken down on the shoulder in the rain
I was walking backwards up the road
Then you told me to climb in, dry off and have a bite to eat.
I dropped my thumb and now we're not alone.

You took your life inside your hands as you rolled a cigarette.
And in the car the tassel hangs in chords of blue and red.
With the numbers painted gold so every one will know
The year you reached the milestone, the day your life became your own.

We talked and we waited for words to form
And we laughed as the sky dropped two hours of storm.
Five miles into town and fuel pump install
"No stopping 'til we hit McCall."

Even to this day, I wonder if you needed me
Or if it was just me needing you.
It's hard to find a friend, someone to hang your hat on
Who sticks with you even when they're gone.

Bad habits they die hard, but you kicked your cigarettes.
And In the five years since you left I think I finally cleared my head.
And our parents, they are pleased because we both have new degrees
And bright young families
And now we've reached a milestone, the day our lives are not our own.
Track Name: I Built These Walls
I've been living my life in a tiny box
Hoping that you would give a toss,
Kidding myself that I gave my all
But I built these walls.

When I was a kid I said I'd make a bet
I'll walk a straight line and live without regret
Following the course I laid out in my head
But it all went South.

Easy to say I want to pulverize,
Going to break through with a clenched up angry fist.
Took me years of pain to realize
I'm never going to free myself like this.
I'll walk backwards every step I took
Turning bolts around the way.
I'll dismantle this whole prison cell,
And I'll understand more clearly when you say
"Come home."

I could spend a whole year and try to paint these walls
With rolling green hills and a waterfall
Kidding myself I'm really on the ball
But it won't change a thing.

I feel the rocks beneath my feet
The dark horizon calls to me
With each step I'm coming home

In the air familiarity
Quiet whispers in the passing trees
Seem to say I'm not alone

I'm still in pain but it's not killing me
The scars they fade just like a calming sea
I'll take the oars, it's time to row

Forget the way I left
Forget the things I said
Forget the barren years alone
I'm home.
Track Name: We Waited for Sunshine
I am afraid you are mistaken.
I'm just a fool, who's only good at taking
I'll open up now for you to see
This empty shell that's left of me.

From my earliest days right down the line
I've made mistakes almost all the time.
I toyed with rebellion, and cursed the sky
But the wind and the storm left me alive.

I'll rip the pages from your book,
Chew them up and swallow while you look.
I'll consume every noun and verb
I'll digest every single word.

I'm a tin man with no heart
And I'm prone to fall apart.
You pulled the curtain back with style.
And you always said it best
"What really matters is in your chest,
So run - don't walk - the extra mile."

The world was black and white before the rain
Then the whole thing bled into a dirty gray.
We waited for sunshine and watched the sky
With a hope and a prayer that we'd get by.

I'll take the words right from your mouth,
Chew them up and swallow my self doubt.
I'll consume every noun and verb.
I'll digest every single word.

I'm a scarecrow with no brain
And the thought drives me insane.
You walked be side me down the road.
And it's like you always said,
It's not just what's in your head
So stand beside and share the load.
Track Name: Today My Life is Over
Big Johnny was a punchline
You know the kids are always cruel.
He's walking slowly to the crosswalk
Begged his mom not to go to school.
He's waiting on a kind word - 
There's no telling what a friend could do
He'd say "Today my life is over
I'm going to start a new one with you."

Even the teachers on the school grounds
Chose not to get involved.
And all the meetings behind closed doors
Never really did too much at all. 
They said "we're really out of options.
There's nothing we can do to intervene."
With their decisions to do nothing
Even the nice kids became mean.

Johnny took the punches
And he learned to disappear.
As a ghost he walked the hallways
and he learned to embrace the fear.
'Til one day he met a ghost girl. 
And she really liked him too. 
She said "Today my life is over,
I'm going to start a new one with you."

On a rooftop in July, 
the bombs bursting in the sky.

She lays her head on his chest and smiles

"I've been waiting for a while to tell you that... Oh

"Johnny know you're not alone
Wherever you may go
You'll always have a home.
Take those thoughts out of your mind
and leave them all behind.
The world is yours to find."

So Johnny went to college
And ghost girl broke his heart. 
She said, "you'll always be my best
Friend but I've got to make a start."
We're all boats out on the ocean
And we've got to find our way
Tiny boats without an anchor
Have got to learn to face the waves.

Twenty Years on down the line
A wife and kid close by his side.
Right out loud he wonders why
Everything has turned out fine.
She tells him that

"Oh Johnny know you're not alone
Wherever you may go
You'll always have a home.
Take those thoughts out of your mind
and leave them all behind.
The world is yours to find."
Track Name: Polaris
The green of the grass, the dangling lights at the party,
The hum of our voices, the DJs are cuing up songs.
And we remember our youth, and consciously laugh at our follies.
As the years and the miles between us are melting away.

I'd like to dip this day in ice.
I'd like to store these thoughts on salt.

Hurried and flustered I hop on the freeway to meet you.
She's as calm as the sea, a picture of beauty and grace.
As you lie in her arms, I find myself asking permission.
When I first take your hand, there's a physical change in my soul.

I'll carry with me through my life
All of the things I felt tonight
You are the reason I'll go far
You are my guiding star.

Fast asleep on my chest, I feel like I've known you forever
And the breath that you take is sustaining for you and for me.
These were the happiest days, 165 hours.
And the heartache I feel, will constantly bind me to you.

You are my voice when I can't talk.
You are my legs when I can't walk.
You are the reason I've come far.
You are my guiding star.
Track Name: Inverse Trajectory
They say "time's a mystery, an unknown commodity"
It arches and spirals through eons of age.
To me it's anomaly, an inverse trajectory
I'm feeling younger with each passing day.

When I get young I'll break through every wall.
As expectations rise and doubters fall.
I'll take my lumps, I'm sure that there'll be scars.
And write my destiny between the stars.

We'll walk through the Broadway lights,
Soak in that New York life.
Down by the park, I'll first take your hand.
We'll hang our legs off the pier,
That's when I'll draw you near,
We'll kiss and you'll realize I am your man.

When we get young we'll breathe Manhattan air
We'll eat out every night and be too young to care.
We'll make the Big Apple our little town.
And take perspective from the things we've found.

My name, it ain't Benjamin, I ain't CGI my friend.
My body will breakdown and then I will pass.
There's something inside of me as brash as epiphany.
The piss and the vinegar surely will last.

When we get young we'll take the lion's share
We'll climb each step 'til we get there.
And then we'll take a look at what we've done
And thank our lucky stars we've won.
Track Name: We Were Giants
When we were giants we'd step over fences and knock over tall trees.
We were kids then, but we'd still reminisce about the way that it had been.
We traded stories about the girls that we all knew.
Ant the times our plans fell through for the night.

When we were giants we'd take over roadways, ride down the parkway.
Indecision was an enemy waiting for one complication.
We wear the scars now, but there were times it all went right
on a perfect August night on the street.

We said we'd never grow up, never sell out, and buy in,
It was hard for us to see the start from the end.
Then the letters started coming and we scattered like sheep
The river flowed fast and the water was deep
But we took a deep breath, hoped for the best and jumped in.

Life moves fast when you're not good enough
And empty shoes are there to call your bluff,
I had to learn to be me.
Track Name: The Broken Vessels
We tend to look back on our younger lives
with a romantic pride, with a glint in our eyes
And we were young and wild, dumb and free,
We had everything we thought we'd need.
And we lived our lives like the rolling of the dice,
Never thinking twice.

Impervious to the moments up ahead,
The kind of pain that just won't go to bed.
We have regrets, but not about feeling love.

We've walked a long to this impossible place
And we can't turn back, but we will always embrace
The laughs the smiles, the long nights up,
The times when we were down that you brought us up.
The little moments that stretch out through our lives
That give us strength to try.

And when you can't seem to take a step,
And at those times you're struggling for breath,
Just know I'm here - I'll always be your friend.

And it's this ache down in our guts
that is the privilege of those who love.
And it's this pain that will keep them near
Always in our thoughts, the strength to face our fears.

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